Benefits of Trees

Benefits of Trees Benefits of Trees

Plant your Trees with us:

Benefits of Trees

There is a plethora of benefits of planting the trees, from health to environmental impact, to economics and even psychological effects. Planting and then maintaining trees helps lower energy costs, reduce pollution, surroundings improves with green ambience and also increases the value of your property. As green color is a soothing color, it helps you recover from strain quickly. Trees enhance the beauty and making your surroundings beautiful is your duty as well.

Trees are very important part of the planet to provide beauty or shade. There are sundry perspectives of trees in human life such as social, communal, environmental and economic. I am going to describe the major benefits of trees in human life. Trees offer everything which is required by human such as Air, food, house, cloth, energy and beauty.

 Benefits of Trees:

  1. Trees clean the air: Trees helps in absorbing odors and pollutant gases such as sulfur dioxide, ozone, nitrogen oxides etc and provide us with fresh air. They offer the most important thing that is fresh air which is the basic need for human to survive. You should not forget that the fresh air reduces the chances of increasing diseases from polluted air.
  2. Trees provide oxygen: why is oxygen importance to us? Oxygen is life. I hope, you understand what importance of oxygen is for survival. The only resource of Oxygen is tree. Oxygen for 18 people can be provided in one year by an acre of mature trees.
  3. Trees cool the streets and the city: Trees cool the streets and the cities by their shade and evaporation from the leaf surface cool the city further by up to 10°F. Hence they are called the natural air conditioners.
  4. Trees Active lifestyles: Trees helps in improving health as they strongly encourage people to go to parks or in green environment for walking, exercising, jogging or biking which helps them reduce obesity and keeps them fit.
  5. Raise property value: Homes with more trees or having green ambience in surroundings tend to have higher property value than those without trees, because it decreases pollution and have fresh air around which attracts people more.
  6. Trees shield from ultra-violet rays: Ultraviolet rays are very harmful for anyone and can cause the most common form of cancer i.e. skin cancer. Trees help in protecting from ultra-violet rays as they reduce UV-B exposure by about 50%.
  7. Trees provide food: Trees provide food for human beings and also for birds and wildlife. You can plant fruit trees like an apple tree which does not take much space and can be easily planted on the tiniest urban lot. It yields up to 15-20 bushels per year.
  8. Trees heal: According to studies, people with green ambience out their windows heal faster and with less difficulty or complications. So planting trees around or outside your house can not only help you prevent from visiting doctors more often but also heals you naturally.

Importance of Trees:

The trees are extremely important and have always been needed for developing the human condition and lifestyle. It doesn't a make bigger believe that without trees we humans would not exist on this beautiful earth. So, trees are important for life as we know it and are the earth troops creating up an environmental Frontline. There are various importances of trees such as Trees Produce Oxygen, Trees Clean the Soil, Trees Control Noise Pollution, Trees Slow Storm Water Runoff, Trees Are Carbon Sinks, Trees, Shade and Cool, Trees Act as Windbreaks, Trees Fight Soil Erosion, Trees Increase Property Values and many more.

As already descried the importance of trees and benefits of trees, there are also numeral of the benefits of the trees except mention above such as Save Water, conserve energy, reduce violence, add unity, provide wood and save earth from an earthquake. You should participate in to “Save Trees to Save Life”. Save trees to reduce global warming, reduce the carbon footprint and pollution as well as a clean environment.