Combat Deforestation

Combat Deforestation Combat Deforestation Combat Deforestation

Plant your Trees with us:

Combat Deforestation

The Seed Is In your Hands, Forest Awaits!

More than ten million trees cut down every day; which means, about four billion a year; and that is a very big number to aghast your senses! More than half of this land coming out of deforestation is on illegitimate terms to fulfill the need of global consumption. To sell wood and animals, derogatory is common around the globe, just to make a few bucks. The human nature, which is surpassing its limits, is leading us to this disaster. The line has been drawn, as our Mother Nature is losing its serene environment. The air that could have been our nectar of soul is turning into vicious venom. Earth’s forests contain over half of all the species living on the planet, but the relentless destruction of natural habitat for global requirement of products like timber, medicine, resin, etc., is causing the death of ecology and devastation of environment. The abomination and insolence of forest is scuttling us to the ultimate end. Nature demands rapport between the humans and the ecosystem to maintain the balance, but now with continuous deforestation, this balance has been broken devastatingly. The uncertain climatic conditions, earthquakes, floods occurring due to lack of trees, the gradual rise in temperature, soil erosion and unauthenticated urban planning are some of the grounds to cover.

Disseminating afforestation to save our Very Own Planet

How can you stop deforestation?

The answer is - you cannot; because of the need of materials required from the trees.

The worst example is Indonesia; due to extreme deforestation there, almost 97% of their natural forests have been lost. All the trees have been wiped out in the need to use wood and other products make the condition so bad that now they have to import everything and the high prices make it unaffordable for the general population to get hold of the basic things.

However, before such a thing happens to us, let us take a leap forward to build a new greener and healthier environment by reforestation with proper planning of wasteland use.

You Cannot Produce More Land, But You Can Plant More Trees for a Greener Tomorrow!

When India came under scrutiny, the vast population and shortage of land became one of the major concerns. The question remains that where to inhabit humans if there is no land left. An austere result of making life possible is to reduce forest, sell wood, and wipe out the bio diversity in that area, and you have your land on platter! However, it is not worth; the equilibrium should exist.

Plant a Tree – Serve the Nature – Treat the Cosmos

If you have land, then plant a seed and wait then plant some more, it takes time for the land to do that. Land use planning is a term where you live in a place, which did not come from deforestation, and even if it did come, you make sure that they did not cut down the trees and those trees were relocated. A right land use planning can save many trees, but as the population is increasing, the land is getting shorter to live on every moment.

Plant Your Trees – A Thought, An Initiative, An Attempt!

We are a group that does the job of planting trees right for you! Let us join hands and save our home, our land, our earth! PlantYourTrees.Com is an initiative, which promotes reforestation to certain authenticated locations sanctioned by the government. Connect with us now, and become a premium forester for a safer greener tomorrow.