For Corporates

For Corporates

Corporate Initiative for a Green Country

Corporates – The Economy Builders!

Great Corporates  provide great products. Corporates do it all to make the best in the market, no matter if it is a startup or a big established giant. They boost the economy and fulfill the needs of the customers. They are the decisive pillar in our evolution and a right one.

Chasing for Money – But Ambling towards a Better Ecosystem

On the other hand, the money trail has made Corporates to forget to leave their green footprint on that same path. A big impact on environment destroys the positive goal of a balanced ecosystem.

Corporates and Corporates are responsible for the nature as they are for their products and services. Corporates are the driving force of our economy; so, they play a role of a leader to combat deforestation by planting trees. Obviously, nobody can force you to do so, but doing this right thing will make our future generations to appreciate us. A wide range of industries depends on the goods they get from trees. The livelihood of millions of people sustains on forests. However, the increase in demands of consumer products and supplies has put our forests in danger. The excessive need of materials has indulged in exploiting nature on a behemoth scale. To save our trees and our forests is the need of the hour.

Corporates and industries who take various advantages from trees should involve themselves to maintain the balance, no matter how they cut trees if they won’t plant in same number then the balance will be destroyed which will bring a catastrophe. As time passes, it would be easier for Corporates to reduce their carbon footprint with the involvement of technology, but the next two decades are crucial to limit the possible effects on nature by Corporates’ waste products. Corporates should make all possible efforts to make the earth green by leaving as much as possible their green footprints by planting more and more trees.

The polluted gases like carbon dioxide or carbon mono oxide, nitric oxide and others, and harmful chemicals as waste and non-recyclable garbage - they all pollute the environment very agressively with sprint. Even if the proper administration works to reduce the carbon footprint, it is vital for Corporates to look out for the nature. Corporate social responsibility is not just bound to human; nature demands its niche too. They have the power of reducing pollution by taking steps and planting trees is one of the best ways to do that.

A Multitude of Benefits for Corporates at Plant Your Trees

We want every organization to involve in this common goal, so that we can live in a much better place with clean air and clean water. As planting trees is very important to save our world, we take it very seriously and make it our goal of planting, growing and breeding the seeds and plants, till they are formed into fully-grown trees that can take care of themselves. Praising and honouring your employees by sapling implantation is an innovative way that corporates can imbibe for guardianship towards our mother nation.

Giving life to paper-less technology and e-certifications for a noble cause have made Indian growth upgrade and put their effort in making it a clean and greener place to live in. E-plantation can be carried out on various occasions like birthday, anniversary, retirement, product launch etc. Establishment of a green environment leads to a peaceful work environment. Technology has made it convenient for the corporates by joining initiative of e-plantation and making the mother earth live in a green locale. These e-plantations are activities including rewards and certifications by just spending a bit from your pocket. Corporates can engage in creating a lush terrain to establish India as a developed cosmos.

Offering in Store for the Corporates to Associate with Us!

An Innovative Marketing Technique: Forget all other marketing gimmicks; get into this noble yet very innovative marketing strategy to attract your clients by giving them e-greetings of trees planted in their names. Leave a mark; leave an impression on your potential clients by leaving your green footprint!

Welcome New Customers: This is an innovative and environment-friendly approach to welcome new customers. Corporates can reward their new customers by planting trees in their name to leave an impression that lasts longer than any other gesture. This will attract more and more clients to your organization to ensure future development of your organization.

Honour Your Stakeholders:  Honour your Vendor’s, Clients, Partners, and all other stakeholders by wishing them by planting trees on various occasions like festivals, birthday wishes, anniversary wishes, etc…

Go Paper-Less, Forget the Mess: Promote your customers to subscribe for e-statement of their monthly bills of their Credit Card, promote them to subscribe paperless transactions by planting a tree for subscriptions of paperless communication by a customer.

Wish Your Employees: It is the retirement of your most trusted employee, or birthday of an employee or a team welcoming a new entrant; you can always add an ounce of innovation to this “good-will-gesture” by amalgamating it with your ‘go-green’ initiative.

Outdo Your Carbon Footprint: Counterbalancing your carbon emissions by topiary implantations will restrain the carbon emissions generated by you and trace your green footprint.

With wide range of benefits, which we get from trees, planting trees is just an austere gesture to show our love and support towards our Mother Nature.

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