Our Process

Our Process Our Process

Plant your Trees with us:

Our Process

Planting a Tree: A Course of Action

PlantYourTrees.Com is an initiative of making our mother earth lush and sustainable. In a few simple steps, you can support earth in making it greener.


  1. Start your course in joining hands and making a step further for sustainable earth by placing an order for planting trees giving details in the form available regarding the number of plants required to be planted, where, and for what occasion, and on which date along with your name, email address etc. 
  2. Fill in the details of the person(s) you wish to honor along with his name, email address etc., and the date(s) on which you want to gift him/her/them with the customized e-certificate(s).
  3. The payment can then be executed as per the specifications of the ‘to-be-planted’ trees.
  4. Order Communicated to the field staff or field planting partner
  5. Saplings are raised in the well-maintained nursery.
  6. The plantation procedure is then performed in the suitable plantation season when those saplings are planted in the preselected projects.
  7. After being through with the plantation procedure, the customer gets an email regarding his/her trees being planted in the selected project. Along with that, photos and videos are also posted on various social media pages and shared with the customer.
  8. Verification of plantation is then inspected by the auditors looking after the credibility and authenticity of the plantation activity.