A Small Bequest Allowing Individuals for a Green Cosmos

Martin Luther King was once asked what a person should do on his last day on this Earth. His words expressed this thought that one must plant a tree, because that really makes sense!

Plant Your Trees – A Whole Host of Benefits for Individuals

Plant Your Trees is an initiative, which works for your pleasant present and for your better future. We plant trees on your behalf. Trees made us what we are; they play a quintessential role in our mental and physical health. People who live near trees, who have green spaces around their houses, normally have happier and healthier lives with little or no stress. Trees help to rejuvenate psyche and calm nerves. Green surroundings contribute in your well-being significantly more than yoga and exercise. Whether it is a scientific reason of getting oxygen or a spiritual reason of increasing positivity around you and purifying your soul; trees are vital for our existence, because they give us our life and bring peace. No matter how you see it; as a duty or as a responsibility, planting trees is much important than it was ever before. To fight the rising temperature of Earth because of global warming or to combat deforestation; you need to act, now is the time. Plant more and more trees to make our Earth better; you can do it yourself or can take our help to achieve this goal. We have an experienced staff that works to make this dream come true. We plant trees on authorized places for every individual and for every occasion like any birthday celebration, paying gratitude, celebrating functions, giving gifts, farewells etc. Whatever you ask, we offer with our wide range. You can plant trees for your loved ones by embracing nature to yourself. Planting trees will give you the memories, which are worth a lot like your children playing under it, or you celebrating your child’s birth by planting trees will give you an excellent memory to fill the spaces and bring jubilation.

Plant a Tree to Seed a Healthy Generation

Part of our life's values is what we pass on. The gift of planting trees has a lot of value; no matter how long will they remember but a good deed makes everything better. So, put your mind in right direction and drive to the better world with us. Plant more and more trees with our help to make our earth more beautiful. You can promote sustainability by planting trees on occasions like birthdays, festivals etc., to make them special on their special day. Customized e-certificates can be a tribute to your loved ones to make them know a tree exists with their name and make our nation renewable and greener. As responsible citizens, it should be our initiative to shape a green Sphere and make India recognize as a lush creation of earth.

How Individuals can associate with Plant Your Trees!

Wishing Birthdays in a Go-Green Way: It is the birthday of your very close friend or you want to wish your boss on his birthday in a unique and impressive way to grab his extra attention or just a wonderful gesture to wish your mom or dad on her birthday; you can send them an e-greeting to make their occasion extra special by leaving your green footprint. They will not just be impressed with your wish but will also appreciate your noble intent.

Give a Green Touch to Anniversaries' Celebrations: Your mom-dad is completing their 25 years of togetherness or your brother-in-law is celebrating his first marriage anniversary; you can turn this celebration into a nature-conscious carnival by giving them a tree planted in their name. They will remember you for years and years to come for having it done in their name on their special day.

Turn the Joy of Festival into the Gala-Green-Fiesta: A healthy human being always craves for an occasion with wildness that has a joggle from routine and a brushing up of his taste buds in his own little festivity that can be called a short foray from his mundane life. This is what festivals all about. They give us a chance to break-free from the monotone of life and enjoy for some time away from the customary chaos and humdrum. To make this festivity even more enticing and inventive, add a dash of green to it by planting a tree on your behalf on this special festival day. Celebrate Your Green Diwali, Id, Christmas, Guru Nanak Jayanti, and all the festivals by planting trees with us.

Giving a Unique Touch to Marriage Celebrations: Marriages are made in heaven and to create a heaven on Earth, we need to make our environment clean and serene by planting more and more trees. So, what better occasion can be there than our close one’s marriage to plant a tree in the couple’s name and give their wedlock a wood-lock surprise gift?

Counter Balancing the Carbon Footprint: Carbon footprints have been generated through our daily activities. Planting trees would counterbalance your carbon footprint with your green marks which you marked by planting trees.

There are so many occasions you found in which you can plant trees.

We should plant Trees. It is important for our survival, not for Environment.

Trees can survive without us, but we cannot...


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