Reduce Global Warming

Reduce Global Warming Reduce Global Warming Reduce Global Warming Reduce Global Warming Reduce Global Warming

Plant your Trees with us:

Reduce Global Warming

The Outrageous Impact of Greenhouse Effect

When trees are cut down, the stored carbon dioxide will be released in the environment and cause depletion of the ozone layer. Trapped heat inside the earth’s atmosphere due to lack of oxygen, rises the temperature and causes uncertain climatic changes, which sometimes result in catastrophes for the humankind. Carbon dioxide, which is a major greenhouse gas and participates with a huge fifteen percent in the global greenhouse amount, comes one third by human activities and rest from animals and nature itself. Trees balance this act by taking all the carbon dioxide and converting it into oxygen, which works as a lifeline for the humans as well as for the animals.

We All Leave Behind Carbon Footprints!

Carbon footprint is a general term used to define how much an individual releases carbon in the environment. For example, the phone you use runs through electricity and that electricity is made from burning coal or natural gases, then, that fraction of carbon is released for you by the company, which made electricity. The automobiles, which brought your phone to the store also used natural fuel and left carbon in the atmosphere to bring the product you wanted. Moreover, you went to the store by your own vehicle and imprinted carbon footprint directly. Therefore, there is no scale to measure carbon footprint but abundance of carbon emission is withering for milieu.

Need to Reduce the Carbon Footprints

We must reduce the carbon footprint; how?

  • By three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for a better tomorrow! Reduce your accessibility, repair if something is broken, and reuse it; do not just throw it away, but try and restore. Encourage use of recycled products.
  • To reduce the carbon footprint, reduce "food miles"; means the food that is brought to you should be local.
  • Plant a garden and grow your own vegetables.
  • More than 20% carbon footprint is produced by airplanes and ships so adapt staycations, not vacations.
  • Encourage use of public transport or vehicle pooling to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Walking and cycling does a great favor towards nature by not leaving any carbon footprint at all.
  • Refrigerator produces CFC & chlorofluorocarbon that pollutes the atmosphere so use less of it and eat fresh.

Embrace the Warmth of Nature – By Planting, Not by Ploughing!

The most important is planting more and more trees, which will purify the air and bring down the carbon emission rate to lower its percentage to a level that it is no more harmful for the environment. The greenhouse gases or carbon equivalents contains carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and other synthetic gases that are emitted from burning coal, natural fuels and gases. By planting more trees, the temperature comes down to normal as it counterbalances the greenhouse gases and reduces the carbon footprint.

Plant a Tree to Set Yourself Free from Pollution and to Reduce Global Warming