Porject Jatara Tikamgarh

Porject Jatara Tikamgarh

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Project Purpose

To develop effective systems through planting horticulture species to improving and stabilize livelihood of Tribal families in jatara block of  district Tikam Garh of Madhya Pradesh.

Project Details

Jatara is in Tikamgarh, one of the remotest districts of Bundelkhand at the borders of

two states, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The agro climatic zone is Bundelkhand

Plateau which is a semi-arid region. Average rainfall of the area is 800 mm. The area is

notorious for its feudal structure. Majority of the population, close to 50%, belongs to

OBC category and SC population is the second highest, about 35-40% and rest are ST

and general category. Major crops in kharif are Black gram; Soybean and Sesame (Til),

in Rabi farmers grow gram and wheat according to the rain fall in the respective year.

Sources of irrigation in the district are well and tanks of Chandel dynasty. Soil type

varies widely, even in a village there is 2-3 types of soil. Most of the soil is sandy soil

that has less water retention capacity. Migration percentage is the highest in the state,

39% people migrate to Delhi and other big cities. Due to feudalism, casteism and

corruption in the region, low caste people are suppressed and development of the

region is very slow.


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Porject Jatara Tikamgarh